Thursday, April 30, 2009

Course 3: What to Bring to Class 1

Please bring the following for Course 3 Class 1:
Course 3 student kit
1 batch butter cream icing

We will be making the Wilton Rose starting with Part I: the Center

This will need to be stored so bring a Ziploc bag or rubber maid container.
I will provide you with a small piece of fondant to make the base, so don't worry about it. But for the rest of the classes you will need to have your own fondant. You can buy the 5 pound box if you want. The box has 2- 2 1/2 pound bags, just make sure to store any unused fondant in an Ziploc. USE A COUPON TO BUY FONDANT.

For future classes I suggest having the following in your supplies:
baggies, disposable gloves, small amount of Crisco, small amount of corn starch and powered sugar (1/2 cup) mixed together, bottle of clear vanilla extract, extra paint brushes, rolling pins(we will discuss), cheap Dollar Store roll of tin foil, box or container for flowers (class 3).